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A request of Patient Information

If you are seeking information regarding any of our patients, we would like to acquaint you with our organization's procedures to ensure the utmost protection of patient information. Safeguarding patient data is a top priority for us, fostering effective communication between providers and patients, and maintaining the essential trust required for quality care.

While the Privacy Rule permits covered health providers to share protected health information for treatment purposes without patient authorization, we go the extra mile by implementing reasonable safeguards when providing any information. For medical offices or organizations requesting medical records or patient information, kindly direct your request to All requests will be diligently monitored and processed in accordance with established protocols.

To expedite your request promptly, please ensure that you include the patient's complete name and date of birth and provide a brief description of your inquiry. Additionally, your email signature should include your full name, your organization's name, phone number, and fax number.

If you are a patient seeking medical records or any other information, please direct your requests to Ensure that you provide your complete name, date of birth, a brief description of your request, and a telephone number. Please be aware that we will not release any information without the patient's explicit consent.

If you are calling on behalf of the patient, please note that only individuals listed on the patient's family/friends authorization forms will be able to obtain limited information.

Thank you for being so cooperative in adhering to these procedures.

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